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Did you know that a great way to give back to the people in your community while also getting a little extra cash, is to consign your gently used clothes and home items. At Trouvaille in Deer Park, WA we take great pride in serving as one of the best consignment stores in the area in order to help those in our community find great pieces of clothing and other household items.

As long as the items are gently used and like new, you can bring them into our store and one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you get a good price for it. We'll then make sure that it's ready to be purchased at an affordable price for our customers to take home with them.
Any items (other than vehicles, guns and ammunition) are eligible for consignment. Terms are 60/40 in favor of the store. Pricing, advertising and online placement are included.

Thrift Store

When you need a thrift store to find affordable clothing options pull your look together, come into Trouvaille and get the pieces you've been searching for. Whether you need clothing or accessories for your ideal outfit, let our staff help you find the perfect pieces.

Located in Deer Park, WA we've been proudly serving the people in our community as their number one thrift store with our amazing selection of clothing items and accessories. We've also been known to carry a wide range of home décor items such as furniture and artwork from the local artists, in order to help you design the home of your dreams for your ideal budget.

Vintage Items

As a consignment and thrift store, Trouvaille proudly carries a variety of gently used items as well as vintage items for any of your needs. Whether you've been searching for the ideal piece of clothing or jewelry to bring a look together, or you need a piece of home décor to bring your interior design dreams to life in your home, we've got you covered.

Located in Deer Park, WA, we've been proud to help our items find new life in the hands of others. No matter the period of your vintage items or other pieces you're bringing in for consignment, we'd love to help you give back to the people in our community and find new homes for the items you no longer want.


Have you been looking for a great way to find the perfect furniture pieces for your home without spending a small fortune? Then come into Trouvaille located in Deer Park, WA to take a closer look at our selection of thrifted items.

Our thrift store is proud to carry everything from gently used clothing to gently used furniture for our customers to give new life to. No matter what specifically you're looking for, we guarantee that our consignment shop will have it for a reasonable price. Whether you've been searching for looking for a couch or an armchair we guarantee that you'll be able to find it in our store.


Finding the perfect gift can be a stressful situation. Whether you simply don't know the person that well or you just stumped on what to give them, we can help! We have an amazing variety of collectibles that are sure to make the perfect gift. You can gift any one of these collectibles to anyone of your friends or family members.

Trouvaille is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best quality when you shop with us. Regardless of whichever item you want to take home, we promise that it's in great condition. Your loved ones are going to be thrilled with the gift of an amazing collectible. Shopping for holidays or birthdays has never been easier!